Why and How to update your profile and settings

Welcome to our new site. The rewards that you will experience in this community is going to depend on how involved you are going to be! So the first thing to do is to update your profile with a photo and a cover photo. It is always good to know who you are learning from, so we are encouraging everybody to update their “monster” profiles and decide what notifications you want to receive via email.

  1. Go to teachers.mathsliteracy.co.za/ and sign into your account. (scroll down on then right-hand side or click on log in, in the Quick Menu. You will not be able to see any of the resource forums, unless you have registered and signed in!!
  1. Once you are logged in, your Quick Link menu at the top should show all the community options, including the Profile option. Click on that and complete your profile! As a community of supportive teachers, we would like to see who we are supporting and sharing with!
  1. Upload a photo of yourself. We are less likely to learn from a Monster Gravatar! You can also upload a background picture. Think of it as getting your classroom set up for fabulous learning!
  1. Click on Profile –> Change Profile Photo –>Select your file and navigate to an appropriate photo on your device to upload.
  2. If could do the same with your cover image!
  1. If you want to change your password and update your email address, you can do that under Settings–> under General.
  1. Update your Email preferences. You have complete control over email notifications. Tick what notifications you would like to receive, and you can always come back here to adjust!
  1. Don’t forget to Save the changes!

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