Thank you to our sharer-bees

As we were downloading all the resources shared from our old NING site to move to the new site, what stood out was the amazing sharer bees who kept the community going. Those teachers who made the effort to share, all the time! We just want to say….. Bravo, bravo bravo, you have left a legacy already. Well done and thank you!

I suppose you will always have givers and takers. If I read through all the commitment statements when new members join, it almost always say that they are planning to share (lots) of resources, except that only the very few do. So this post is an ode to them!

I actually made an effort to count the resources shared by teachers from 2011 until now. I only downloaded the resources from 2011 onwards as that is when the CAPS curriculum was implemented, making sure that I jotted down who shared what. I was actually surprised at some of the final resource counts as I was sure that I “saw” some teachers who actually did not really share or upload material, but they sure did support, commented on, answered questions and thanked those who shared.

This brings me to the the other essential ingredient of a community, thankfulness and support. That is not so easy to measure, but I had many new teachers telling me how they would not have coped without the community helping them and answering their “stupid questions”. So thank you to those teachers who supported, mentored and nurtured the newbie teachers!

A few teachers stand out. This community would not have survived without them! They were part of the community from the beginning and never stopped sharing or helping.

Thank you, Johan Smit , who always kept the conversation going. He called out unfair allegations against Maths Literacy as a subject and made the effort to discuss issues and problems. He shared and shared and shared.

Then there is Carika Du Preez who shared her yearly resources and how her learners coped with what she did with them. This was especially welcome. Sometimes we share the tests and worksheets but not how our kids interpret them. A resource on its own is just a resource. If we provide context it becomes a whole new world of not just information, but wisdom. Thank you for that.

Then there is our queen sharer bee, Marianna Malan (Nutall), who has shared over 600 resources over the years. I don’t even know how we could begin to say thank you for keeping the community resourced, remembering to share whatever comes your way or what you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Apart from these amazing sharer bees we had the others who also did their bit to contribute, thank you to the following people. (If I have left anyone out, please let me know)

Alison Dewar
Bess morgan
Bess Serfontein
Cadine webb
Carika Du Preez
Cathy Williams
Cedric Petersen
Christel Loots
Cornelius Smit
Desiree Munien
Elroy Eland
Francinah Matsabu
Grant Hildebrand
Hein Krause
Ingrid Bruynse
Joelene Cronje
Johan Smit
Lalitha Govender
Liza Mari Retief
Lizelle Louw
Mariana Malan
Marius Smit
Mathew Demmer
Melany Appollos
Modisamang Molusi
Naadira Patel
Nicky Adams
Philda Maree
Philip Marques
Riekie du preez
Roger Shortles
Sarah Niss
Siya Mqalo
Susanne Oosthuizen
Talitha Moore

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