New home for our Maths Literacy teachers

Welcome to your new Maths Literacy teacher community space!! I hope that it will not be a major adjustment and I will engage with all of you on the best way forward that will allow me to support you in these difficult times. The lockdown has certainly forced me to re-look at all my projects that I have started over the years and the Mathslit community is one of my oldest  and dearest (even though I have been neglecting it due to lack of time!).

So, the old Ning site will still be available till the end of May. So if you want to go and download some of the old material, now is the time to do so. I have downloaded all the discussion resources going back to 2011 (when the CAPS came in) and will be organising it into easy to use folders, tagging it, and making it more searchable.

The reason why I have to give up the Ning site is that I can no longer afford to keep it going and have decided to move the community to my own server. I have been paying the subscription for the last 8 years and with the rand dollar exchange and large membership, it has become just to costly, and prohibitive, seeing that I have to rethink my (lack of) revenue stream in these tough times.

As it has been my voluntary project, I have also did not have time to really enthuse and keep motivating you all and have relied on the community stalwarts to keep the show running. While downloading all the discussion resources, (which took me 3 weeks), I realised that it was mostly the same amazing people sharing, with a vast amount of teachers just using the shared resources, mostly without even as much as a thank you.

So, I have now created a new discussion and sharing (forum) space  where we can continue to share and upload resources in a teacher secure space. I am also planning a paid membership only area where I will curate the resources into easily shareable and sync-able Dropbox/GoogleDrive/OneDrive curriculum aligned folders. This will help pay for the domain and hosting. Will keep you posted when that will be ready!

Go and try out the new forum and upload a few resources!! There is also a staff-room chatter area where you can ask and give some serious and lighthearted support….And don’t forget to join our teacher newsletter.

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