How to to register for our Mathslit teacher’s community

If you were wondering why nothing happens when you click on the the forum resources, it is becaus eyou need to be logged in to see all the posts and resources. You will not be able to see any of the resource forums, unless you have registered and signed in!!

Only teachers and teacher supporters (textbook publishers, lecturers, subject advisors) are allowed to register. We reserve the right to remove all those who do not complete the Teacher’s feedback form.

  1. Go and complete the teacher’s feedback form here
  1. Complete all the necessary information:
  1. You will receive an email stating that your registration is pending. We will also receive an email that you have registered. We will do/check the following:
    – Did you complete the Teachers feedback form (see 3)?
    – If you have done (3) + legit email + Name and surname, we will
    activate your registration on the site.
  1. You will now be able to sign/log in as well as see and post in the forums.
  1. Go and introduce yourself in the introductions forum here:

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