How to Comment, Post and Share Resources

This community is about sharing and learning from each other!! So don’t be shy, share what you are doing in your classroom and especially now, what you are doing online with your learners. We have been forced to do everything digitally, so why not share it and adapt what other teachers are doing?!!! You can download this tutorial in pdf (print) format.

  1. Go to our site You will not be able to see any of the resource forums, unless you have registered and signed in!! You will only be able to see blog posts (like this one) and pages without signing in.
  2. Once you have signed in (set your browser to remember your login), you will be able to click on Resources (in the menu above) or the forum you would like to go to.
  1. Open the applicable discussion forum (e.g. Grade 10). You will see Topics and replies to topics. You can either start a brand new topic (e.g. if you have a brand new website or resource or issue to share), or you can reply to a current topic. See example:
  1. Click on the topic that you want to look at. It will expand and you will be able to see the attachments and what the resource is all about. (Please always remember to give us a bit of background to the resource- e.g.if you have used other resources- now is the time to mention/credit them!)
  1. To download the attachment, just right-click on it and choose a place on your computer/device to save it.
  1. To comment on the resource (please do!!), Just click on the open text box underneath the topic post and enter your comment
  1. You can add appropriate tags if you want. If you want to follow the discussion, tick this box. When anybody replies, you will get an email notification.
  1. If you want to upload a file to complement or add to the discussion you can do that as well! Just click on Choose file a and navigate to the file that you want to upload. Once it has uploaded, you can click on Submit
  1. Don’t forget to click on Submit, to add your comment!!

How to share resources as a new topic

  1. Go to the applicable forum (e.g. grade 12), using the top menu.
  1. Scroll down to below the other topics, where you will see a topic text box. Add a topic. Please be as specific as possible (e.g.  2019 Grade 12 IEB- Paper 1 FS -June Exam paper and memo)
  1. Give us a bit of context what the resource is about in the text box (a description). For example, what inspired you to create it; how your students coped with it; is it original (I developed it myself), or I used various papers that I adapted for my learner context.
  1. You can also (instead of uploading a resource using the uploader, see below), paste a shared link to the resource from your Dropbox, google drive or one drive.  To get a shared link, just right-click on your file manager and choose Share– copy the link and paste in the discussion block. Make sure that nobody can edit your file.
  1. Upload your resource(s). You can upload up to 4 files. (See 8)
  1. You will be able to edit your post after 5 minutes.

So go ahead and upload some of your resources!!!