Free access to The Answer Series for Teachers and Learners

The Answer Series is making their Study guides and accompanying Grade 12 video course available for free to the learners through their website.

The video course covers the Grade 12 Maths Literacy Term 2 topics of Finance and Measurement. The Grade 12 Maths Literacy 3 in 1 study guide will be used as a companion book to these videos, where you will work through the notes, worked examples and exercises of each section. To see a sample lesson on Interest, see here

They also give free access to the digital versions of their study guides to teachers through Snapplify Engage.

To access the e-book,

  1. Register your school on
  2. Change the admin settings to allocate teachers to ‘teacher’ users
  3. Navigate directly to the store in Engage and then select the ‘teacher’ tab

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