Welcome to your new Maths Literacy teacher community space!! I hope that it will not be a major adjustment and we will engage with all of you on the best way forward that will allow us to support you in these difficult times.

First the (maybe) bad news. Maggie has been sponsoring the Ning site for many years and cannot afford to do so any longer due to the exchange rate and her current financial situation due to the lockdown. So, the old Ning site will still be available till the end of May. If you want to go and download some of the old material, now is the time to do so.

Now for the good news.
We have moved the site to our own local servers and have re-created the community to resemble the old one, but with lots more functionality. It is still very much a work in progress.

Maggie has downloaded all the old Ning discussion resources going back to 2011 (when the CAPS came in) and will be organising it into easy to use folders, tagging it, and making it more searchable. There are now dedicated discussion forum areas for grade resources where you can upload up to 4 resources at a time (100mb per resource). You have to be registered and logged in to the forums and resources.

We have also created a learner support area where you can refer your learners to, for extra resources and help during this time. There are lessons and whole CAPS curricula that they can follow or that you can use to create a learning plan or pathway for them during the lockdown levels.

Looking forward
While Maggie was downloading all the hundreds of resources from the old Ning site, she realised that it was always the same old incredible worker bees who contributed and shared so much over very many years. Read an “Ode to the sharer bees” here and see who they are!

We will be introducing a members only area where you will be encouraged to share at least one resource a month. The membership-only area will have a lot of advantages, like:

  • Resources organised into an easily navigatable (file) structure.
  • All resources will be tagged and aligned with the CAPS.
  • A question bank will be developed using all the shared resources.
  • Additional original resources (PowerPoints, videos, tests, exams, lesson plans and worksheets) will also be developed.
  • All resources will be curated into easily shareable and sync-able Dropbox/GoogleDrive/OneDrive curriculum-aligned folders.
  • We will have a quick response Telegram group for emergency sharing and support.
  • Professional development webinars opportunities where we invite expert speakers and trainers will be organised.
  • Technology training and support (e.g. how to create an interactive online lockdown lesson, new tools that can make online teaching more interactive, assessment tools and other tech shortcuts)

All “old” sharer bees from the Ning community will be automatically added to the new members-only area with lifelong free membership.

For now the whole space will still be open to help us get going during this difficult time. The forums will ALWAYS stay open to all registered mathslit teachers. So, how can you get going?

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